History of the company

  • 2019–2020

    Breakthrough projects

    The new OSAGO information system was launched in Russia based on secure IT infrastructure from Jet Infosystems. In addition, together with VimpelCom the company conducted the first tests in Russia of Non-IP Data Delivery technology, that makes it possible to extend the life of IoT devices. Large-scale artificial intelligence projects were implemented, including a fault prediction system for Segezha Group and a Data Lake for NLMK.

    Jet Infosystems also implemented more than 1500 service contracts in the outsourcing market, with a total value of 2.3 billion rubles, solidying the company’s positions in its core segment. In a project for a telecom operator, specialists took over the maintenance of more than 3000 server units, 5000 UNIX and Windows operating systems, 150 virtualization systems and hundreds of data storage, local area network and engineering equipment systems.

    A leader in Russia

    The company's revenue at the end of 2019 was up by by 25% sequentially at 31.1 billion rubles, making it the most successful year in 30 years of operation. Thanks to this result, Jet Infosystems was rated among the best companies in Russia in the RBC TOP-500 and RAEX TOP-600 ratings.

    Jet Infosystems was also recognized by IDC as an IT outsourcing leader in Russia with 24% growth in this area over the year.

    Our priority projects span large-scale end-to-end outsourcing, infrastructure and security. In more than 30 years on the market, we have built up survival skills during several financial crises, through sanctions and even a fire, when in a single day we lost our entire office and data center. We were able to quickly adapt to working in a changed environment and help deliver the solutions our customers needed to develop their businesses.

    Vladimir Eliseev

    CEO of Jet Infosystems

  • 2018

    Modernization of polar data centers

    This unique infrastructure modernization project covered four data centers in Norilsk Nickel’s Polar Division and Kola MMC. The works were carried out in extreme weather conditions, with temperatures as low as -55°.

    Transformation of in-house IT infrastructure

    The transformation of the company’s own IT infrastructure became a landmark project, with migration to a new local and Wi-Fi network, construction of an additional data center, migration of systems to a private cloud, and introduction of a unified communications system. All projects were implemented seamlessly, without disruption to business processes.

    Jet CSIRT and DevSecOps lab

    New areas were identified for development of the information security department, including Jet CSIRT, Russia's first incident response and monitoring center, and the DevSecOps laboratory combining expertise from several company centers.

  • 2017

    14 000 virtual workplaces

    A virtualization project unlike any other in the banking sector - the transfer of 14000 VTB Group employees to virtual workstations using VDI technology. The company’s infrastructure was also integrated with a range of different business systems in accordance with corporate standards and security policies.

    RAIF - the First Russian Artificial Intelligence Forum

    Jet Infosystems held RAIF, the first Russian forum on artificial intelligence. RAIF has become an annual event that unites more than 300 business and IT representatives of large organizations.

    Information Security Innovations

    The company has developed several innovative information security systems, like machine-learning based anti-fraud Jet Detective, Jet Centurion for decision-making support, Jet Pluton network intrusion detection complex and Jet Signal information security management system.

  • 2014–2016

    Mir payment system

    This large and unique project was implemented in just 7 months. Jet Infosystems created the IT infrastructure covering the entire country for national payment system Mir. Huawei-based data centers were created in two months, success that marked fruitful, long-term cooperation with the Chinese vendor.

    Wi-Fi at Domodedovo airport and anti-fraud for X5

    Jet Infosystems provided unlimited Wi-Fi from 360 access points for passengers at Domodedovo airport and created the largest anti-fraud solution in the Russian retail sector for X5 Retail Group. As a result, the company’s workforce grew to 1500 people, and Solar Security, a subsidiary for information security outsourcing and product development was established.

  • 2009–2013

    Banking from scratch

    One of the world’s largest outsourcing projects - the launch of Leto Bank (currently Pochta Bank). Jet Infosystems specialists enabled the start of business operations in a mere three months following the decision to launch the bank, and 260 infrastructures were built in new branches in just a year, with 1200 points of sale and 3200 workplaces launched at more than 400 locations across Russia.

    Winning in Africa

    The company’s activities extend well beyond the borders of Russia. Jet Infosystems created a payment system for Globacom mobile operator in Nigeria. Internally, the first ever Children’s Open Day was held, a unified corporate portal for employees was launched alongside the Yota service model - a real-time traffic management complex for 1.5 million subscribers.

  • 2005–2008

    Unique payment system software

    Jet Infosystems executed its first project for development of high-load software for a subscriber payment receipt system for VimpelCom. We created the unique Beepay XP service, which enables 500 transactions per second, with three options for subscribers to top-up their accounts. The system is still in operation and is maintained by our experts. In addition, we also created the world's largest disaster recovery and continuity program for VimpelCom.

    New branches and technical areas

    The company's geography has expanded significantly with branches in Vladivostok, Kazan, Novosibirsk, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and Ukraine. Also, new structural units were formed - the Network Solutions Center and the Software Solutions Center.

  • 2002–2004

    Jet Infosystems and the Big Three

    Cooperation with major telecom operators includes a support service contract with MTS covering branches throughout Russia. Protection against downtime, failures and financial losses, server maintenance and round-the-clock infrastructure support were implemented for Megafon. 17 data processing centers were built in Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan for VimpelCom, and a disaster recovery program was implemented and IT outsourcing performed.

    Business systems implementation center and the Yekaterinburg branch

    Jet Infosystems launched its first CRM implementation projects, including Siebel at UniCredit Bank, and SAP at the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development. A Jet Infosystems branch was opened in Yekaterinburg. The company was also awarded the two unique statuses - Qualified Support Partner from Brocade Communications Systems, and Platinum Partner of Hitachi Data Systems.

  • 1998-2001

    Digitalization of Moscow

    Large-scale projects implemented for the Moscow government include a corporate network for 1200 workstations at the State Tax Inspectorate, the first Russian computing center with a Sun Enterprise 10000 super-server for tax data processing, and development of a unified system for the Federal Migration Service. During this period, an important social project was also completed - with automation of the 01 dispatching solution for the fire service.

    The first data storage centers in Russia

    Jet Infosystems built two data centers for mobile operator MTS, and also implemented SAN technologies - the first data storage networks in Russia.

  • 1995–1997

    Expansion into financial sector

    Jet Infosystems began cooperation with the Central Bank of Russia, leading to the launch of IT projects in over 15 regions, including installation of a parallel SPARC cluster PDB database cluster, one of the first in the world.

    Data protection license

    The company received a license from the State Technical Commission to perform data protection activities. This enabled the launch of the company’s information security department, which helped further consolidate the company’s success in providing solutions for financial institutions.

    Top network experts

    In 1997, two experts at Jet Infosystems were awarded Network Expert status from Bay Networks - fast forward to today and there are only three Network Experts in Russia. The Service Center has provided technical support services around the clock since mid-1997.

  • 1991-1994

    The first project

    The company entered business by purchasing equipment from US company Sun, a market leader at that time. Jet Infosystems used these solutions to implement its first project, with the launch of a network of workstations for the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research.

    Service center

    The Service Center was created in 1993, which soon became the largest service center in the network and UNIX segment of the Russian market. Only a year later, the Center's experts were engaged in technical support for 25 banks.

    The launch of JETINFO

    The first issue of the corporate JETINFO magazine came off the printing press in 1994. The publication is still distributed today, and offers readers expert opinions from across the IT market.

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