The need to replace obsolete equipment and modernize the telephone network so as to retain customer base, increase the operator's competitive advantages in the telecommunications market, and make it possible to provide new services.


    To implement a new technological platform and expand the capabilities of the traditional fixed telephone networks.


  • NGN (Next Generation Networks) by Nortel
  • VoIP technology
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Jet Infosystems specialists consulted Kazakhtelecom JSC on the development of a regulatory framework and on organizational and administrative regulations for transition to an NGN system – a universal multipurpose network with packet switching (simultaneous transmission of data, images and speech transmission services are provided ‘from a single socket’).

Before beginning technical work on equipment installation, the team carried out a detailed survey of 15 sites in 10 regional centers of Kazakhstan. As part of the transfer of the telephone network to VoIP technology, an intercity NGN network was built for the Dalnyaya Svyaz subsidiary of JSC Kazakhtelecom, and an NGN local communication network was built for Almatytelecom GCT. The assembly, installation, commissioning, testing and integration with the existing network were carried out in several stages.

The equipment was initially configured taking account of specific design solutions for each site. In order to verify the reliability of the system, basic tests were carried out in accordance with the recommended Nortel call matrix, and various types of emergency events were emulated.

In stages, ten long-distance regional Media Gateway 15000 trunk media gateways, which were connected to all transit automatic telephone exchanges of the city, were installed and integrated. To manage the network of gateways and subscriber access equipment, a fifth class Nortel Communication Server 2000 Compact soft switch was installed. As a transport for the Almaty segment, we used the existing IP/MPLS (Metro-Ethernet) backbone network with nodes in every regional center of the country.

Within the framework of the project, Jet Infosystems specialists carried out an integration with telecommunication equipment from other manufacturers (Lucent, Huawei, Iskratel, Teledata). To ensure compliance with the regulatory requirements of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a solution for operational search measures (SOSM) was specially developed and integrated.

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The intercity NGN network united ten regional centers in the Republic of Kazakhstan: Aktobe, Atyrau, Kamenogorsk, Karagandy, Pavlodar, Petropavlovsk, Taraz, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Taldykorgan, Shymkent. Previously, traffic in all cities was passed through long-distance/international digital stations, but the project resulted in the construction of a new distributed telephone network with centralized control.

As a result of the project, more than 30 telephone networks were transferred to the new platform. At the first stage, total capacity of subscriber lines connected to the CS 2000 soft switch was 40,000.

The introduction of IP-based NGN technology fundamentally improved the quality of long-distance communication and increased the capacity of the long-distance network, given the integration of VoIP switches and media gateways with the existing telephone network. This additional capacity will allow more subscribers to make local and long distance calls.

The NGN network saw its first ‘live’ traffic on December 31, 2006, during its highest load. As a result, in comparison with the previous year, the rate of successful calls (ASR - Average Seizure Ratio) was significantly increased – i.e. more subscribers were able to get through on their first try.
Due to centralized monitoring and management of the new network from Almaty, equipment operating costs and network downtime due to technical errors were both significantly reduced. Efficiency for making adjustments was increased: changes made at one point are reflected simultaneously in all regional centers. Human resources were also reduced, given that there is no need for duty shifts at each telephone exchange.
Replacement of analogue stations provided extra economic benefits for Kazakhtelecom JSC and allowed expansion of services with the simultaneous guarantee of their high quality. Now the operator is able to provide packet telephony, voice and universal mail, IP-Centrex, tele-learning, VPN, data transmission, video conferencing and other services.
  • 30 networks

    Connected to the NGN network

  • 40,000

    Total capacity of subscriber lines

  • 15 sites

    Modernized using the new technology

  • 2.7 million

    Subscribers serviced by the operator


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