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    Integration of a multifunctional corporate-level CRM system


  • Oracle Siebel CRM
  • Oracle Service Bus
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Working together with the customer, Jet Infosystems specialists analyzed current business processes so as to develop an Oracle Siebel CRM transition plan based on best practices. Key areas where automation was needed were identified vis-a-vis services for individuals, legal entities and company partners.

An iterative approach was used to carry out the work, and the functionality of the system being created was therefore implemented step-by-step: the first step was integration of the key interface, which was then expanded and improved during subsequent releases. Users expressed their wishes for new functionality based on the prototype and test demonstrations of the solution under development. This approach ensured that the resources of the project team were used most efficiently, taking into account the needs of the business’s users.

The hardware and software complex was based on the Oracle Siebel CRM business application integrated with 11 major systems, including: our call center, analytical data warehouse (DWH), B2C and B2B portals, the processing system, the unified hotline for the whole Lukoil group, partner companies’ information systems, etc. These are now connected to the CRM system and with each other, using Oracle Service Bus for integration.

Thanks to an intuitive interface, the hotline operator can now collect all customer attributes via a single window, and full integration with the call center allows multilevel authentication. Furthermore, the same operator can work with both B2B and B2C clients without having to transfer calls to other employees.

To ensure the fault-tolerance and disaster-tolerance of this information complex, we chose a solution based on infrastructure at two data processing centers, using fault-tolerant clusters and virtualization, also in the case of data storage systems. In case of failures at the primary site, the system includes a mechanism for automated switching to the backup site. In case of random hardware or application failure, the recovery time does not exceed 5 minutes; in the event of a serious disaster, the recovery time is not more than an hour.

In addition, Jet Infosystems specialists conducted an audit of the new system complex and new business processes, testing for compliance with PCI DSS requirements. The resulting certificate entitles the LICARD company to proceed with the implementation of merchant acquiring services.

The complex is supported 24x7x365 jointly by the operations departments of both the customer and Jet Infosystems. A dedicated team of Jet Infosystems engineers is constantly working on the Lukoil Group premises, and when necessary, highly specialized experts become involved. The unified team ensures all necessary development of the IT landscape that has been created.

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Previous to the IT complex optimization project, integration of internal and external systems and reporting were performed by the processing system. Multiple alien functions constantly produced systems overload and reporting was extremely time-consuming. Our infrastructure upgrade made it possible to store all data in a single corporate repository with convenient storefronts, so as to promptly create reports on specific cards, clients, petrol stations, regions, etc. Line division heads now have control over the work of managers and can assess their efficiency. It is now also possible to manage partner relationships, as analytical repository functionality makes trade reconciliation with partner companies possible (Intraday).

This comprehensive service enhancement program covers more than 2,000 filling stations in 65 regions of Russia, and the integration of the new CRM system with corporate automated control systems at petrol stations (as per the requests of petrol station employees) and with the sales information systems (used to obtaining information on how much fuel remains at petrol stations) ensures prompt receipt of information on the availability of fuel and non-fuel goods at any specific filling station, as well as card replacement and point adjustments, which are related to item resolution, etc. All this can be done through a range of options, including: a central hotline, through personal accounts or by special request.

The CRM system which has been implemented processes more than 2,500 applications per day, carrying out approximately 30 million transactions per month. At the same time, average call processing time has been reduced from 7 to 2 minutes, and average application processing time (from all incoming channels) has gone down by 47%.

The overall state of the software/hardware complex is monitored by a unified monitoring system which tracks technical business parameters (such as business volume at filling stations, number of calls to the call center, etc.) This ensures prompt detection of any deviation from the norm, and makes it possible to eliminate any problem before it becomes critical.
  • 2000 filling stations

    Covered by the program

  • More than 2500 requests

    Received daily

  • From 7 to 2 minutes

    Reduced average call request processing time

  • 30 million transactions

    Processed monthly

  • Less than 5 minutes

    System recovery time in the event of a failure


Before the project launch, LICARD used a CRM solution which was very limited in terms of its functionality. This hindered business development and was challenging for our partners, as they also use customer data for their own purposes. As such, hotline operation was significantly hampered. Naturally, this led us to consider the implementation of a full-fledged CRM solution. One of the key selection criteria was compatibility with current systems, including our processing system. We analyzed a number of options and chose the Oracle Siebel CRM system; Jet Infosystems has Oracle Platinum Partner status and all corresponding specializations, and was therefore chosen as our project implementation partner. As a result, the management system we have implemented has become a tool we can use to support our client at every stage - from first contact through contract termination. Thanks to the unification and automation of processing operations, our clients receive answers to their questions more quickly and efficiently, while we require fewer staff to process all requests.

Nikolay Yashin

Deputy General Director for Operations, LUKOIL Inter-Card


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