To create a solid foundation for the implementation of the company’s digital projects.


    To upgrade the infrastructure of four data centers, increasing their fault tolerance, capacity, and security level for data storage and processing.


  • Primary engineering systems based on Delta Electronics equipment.
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Nornickel is a Russian mining company and the world's largest producer of nickel and palladium. The groups production units are located in the Norilsk industrial region, on the Kola Peninsula and in the Trans-Baikal Territory, as well as in Finland, Australia and South Africa. The company supplies markets in three dozen countries.

Nornickel is implementing large-scale programs to integrate digital technologies in order to ensure optimal efficiency, work safety and product quality. This modernization project affects 4 geographically distributed data centers in the Norilsk and Murmansk regions, and is the foundation for creating a reliable modern IT infrastructure which answers for the efficiency of all the companies IT systems.

Jet Infosystems was chosen as the project’s general contractor. The unified IT team included representatives from the Norilsk Nickel-Shared Service Center, experts from the system integrator, and specialists from Delta Electronics.

It was part and parcel of the project for the team to resolve both technical and logistical issues. Thus, based on draft designs, the system integrator purchased up to 95% of the equipment and materials for two data centers in the Polar Division within the shortest possible time. These materials and equipment were delivered by sea before the Dudinka port was closed during the spring floods. Low temperatures, strong winds and snow, meant a requirement for higher quality materials and more durable building structure.

During the modernization, all data centers operated as usual, so as to ensure the operation of Norilsk Nickel’s business processes. The well-coordinated work of the entire IT team ensured seamless migration of IT equipment, installation work, and design tests.
Four data centers built on a single principle consist of five main systems: power supply, ventilation and air conditioning, SCS, automatic fire extinguishing, remote control and monitoring. Data centers work in temperatures of -55 to +35 (outdoor temperature operating range) and +18 to +26C (indoor temperature range). The redundancy scheme used for the data center engineering infrastructure is 2N for the power supply system and N+1 for air conditioning systems.

In addition to IT infrastructure life support systems which are mandatory for modern data centers, Jet Infosystems specialists implemented an industrial dispatching and control system that unified the entire engineering complex.

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Data center modernization increased fault tolerance and capacity, so as to allow the required level of security for data storage and processing.


By improving the reliability of technical solutions and implementing engineering infrastructure redundancy schemes for use as per modern standards, we have achieved a level of fault tolerance that meets our current and future business needs.

Roman Emelyanov

, Head of IT Infrastructure Project Development Department, Norilsk Nickel - Shared Service Center


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