To create new quality standards for supplying heating to consumers, and to strengthen the company's position on the marketplace for heating supply.


    To develop and implement a software and hardware systems complex for temperature monitoring in residential premises.


  • Temperature sensors (loggers) with WiFi modules
  • An MS SQL-based collection server
  • A mobile app (iOS and Android)
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As part of the pilot project for the Siberian Generating Company (part of the SUEK holding), specialists from the Jet Infosystems Center for Innovative Technologies developed and implemented a temperature monitoring system in residential premises.

Employees of Jet Infosystems created the entire hardware and software complex from scratch. The systems complex involves devices for measuring air temperature that have the ability to transmit data over Wi-Fi networks (loggers), and a data collection and processing system that includes an MS SQL-based collection server and a mobile application (iOS and Android) for information display.

The software that has been developed includes an admin panel (web-access) for logger and user management and can be integrated into heating companies’ information systems. The following functions are available to the administrator: role-based access and user management (for viewing information and editing data), the ability to view statistics on devices and delete devices, setting filters, data export facility in xls/csv and jpg formats, and update management. The mobile application has an intuitive interface with SMS and email registration options.

The autonomous temperature sensors with GSM / GPRS have a temperature measurement accuracy of ± 0.5 ° C and make continuous measurements, 24/7, with 5-second frequency. Every 12 hours the information collected is sent to the server, where it is displayed as convenient visual statistics: tables and graphs.

It is possible to customize filters (temperature ranges, temperature limits, display daily or hourly data), as well as view data in the context of city / street / building – it is possible to display data on a map with values for each segment and compare indicators for different periods.

This project was implemented as a pilot project for the Siberian region; further plans include replicating the solution for other heating companies; this will optimize heating supply in most regions of the country.

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The introduction of a temperature monitoring system provides the company with the opportunity to visualize the entire heat delivery chain (thermal power plant - heat networks - apartment building - end users), minimizing the difficulty of most of the critical issues for heating supply companies (network losses during delivery, heat ‘theft’, overheating of apartments, etc.) and identifying “problem” apartment management companies.

With real-time temperature data on hand, it is possible to respond promptly to changes related to heating supply comfort limits and take appropriate measures rapidly. At the same time, end users can receive official data for the recalculation of utility bills and have real influence over the amount of heat supplied to their apartments, up to and including at what time of day heating is supplied. As a result, the quality of customer service improves, and consumer loyalty grows.

This hardware and software complex (HSC) is pioneer project amongst such solutions on the marketplace, boasting near complete process automation of data receipt by the heating supplier. This enables timely identification of failures and prompt elimination of violations, minimizing the risks of utility breakdown and significantly reducing costs.

Future plans for systems development include additional modification to loggers, such that they may be used in apartment buildings not equipped with OHMD (building level meters), finalization of a single portal for statistical data for management companies and service organizations, and improvement of analytics, including artificial intelligence and machine training (comprehensive data analysis along the entire heating supply chain, forecasting of heating consumption, and development of a lean production system).
  • 5000 loggers

    Produced for the pilot project

  • ± 0.5°C

    Accuracy of temperature change

  • 5 seconds

    Data sampling frequency

  • 6 months

    Required for turnkey project implementation


The ability to receive up-to-date and reliable information about heating supply in buildings and apartments is, without question, a breakthrough in terms of improved quality of customer service. This solution ensures a favorable temperature regime in apartments, and thereby significantly increases consumer loyalty. At the same time, for us as a heating supplier, this is a working tool for identifying network problems and preventing possible accidents. The overall result is a significant reduction in annual cost.

Alexander Grigoriev

Deputy Director for Prospective Development, Siberian Generating Company


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