To prepare IT infrastructure for implementation of the banks’ digital transformation strategy


    To assess the current state of the bank's IT infrastructure and provide optimization recommendations


  • Revision of the overall approach to IT infrastructure, elimination of bottlenecks that hinder digital transformation and development, and creation of a roadmap for IT development.
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Jet Infosystems experts studied the computing systems, data storage systems and the data storage network in three separate data centers. The bank had implemented a disaster recovery concept, which Jet Infosystem’s separately assessed, including how interaction had been arranged between the sites, quality of failure response processes and the use of best practices in this area. Additionally, our specialists studied IT infrastructure maintenance processes, both by reviewing documentation and by interviewing representatives of the bank's IT department and various business divisions. We evaluated Loko-Bank’s IT infrastructure using the following main criteria: reliability, performance, scalability and optimal IT costs for reaching required service quality standards.

Based on the results of our analysis, Jet Infosystems experts identified the strengths of the bank's IT infrastructure, as well various technological risks. We then made recommendations as to the IT infrastructure optimization needed in order to achieve a state that meets current and future business requirements.

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The consolidation of data storage systems and distribution of data by separate storage levels based on their  availability requirements and performance has increased Loko-Bank's readiness for the emergence of new business systems that will aid in bringing new banking products to market, reduced the cost of technical support of the outdated equipment, rental of rack space, cooling and power consumption, and increased the efficiency of IT resource usage.
  • Safety margin for 5 years

    Data storage system consolidation and server fleet renewal provided

  • 30% Reduction

    In IT equipment maintenance costs

  • A roadmap of projects

    has been developed based on the bank’s business objectives


Our bank is focused on large-scale development, but before we embark on our path of change, we want to make sure that we are fundamentally ready for this from an IT perspective. This initiative comes from Loko-Bank shareholders, and audits followed by subsequent preparation of development programs are our constant practice. This helps our organization to run at maximum efficiency. The assessment of IT infrastructure through the prism of present and future business goals is quite challenging. The Jet Infosystems team meticulously analyzed the state of our affairs ‘as is’, making it possible for us to rise above details and propose IT amendments that will prepare us for tomorrow’s challenges. As a result, we have a roadmap of projects based on cost-optimal solutions and have already begun to implement these solutions.

Rinat Galianov

Advisor to the Chairman of the Management Board of Loko-Bank


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