To move to a new and more functional CRM system in order to increase the attractiveness of the MALINA Loyalty Program for customers and partners.


    To Implement a technological platform that can adapt to changing business processes, integrate with other systems, and ensure rapid connection with new partners. The system must have the capacity for centralized management of multiple loyalty programs in order to also serve third-party programs.


  • A platform based on Oracle Siebel CRM and Oracle Exadata
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To ensure quick and seamless data migration and eliminate financial loss, the old and new systems worked in parallel during the testing stage. After the discrepancy between comparison results of point accrual / write-off for identical transactions in both systems was reduced to 0.1%, specialists put Oracle Siebel CRM into commercial operation.

In parallel with application set up and infrastructure installation, data were migrated from the existing system to the Oracle Siebel CRM database. After this, mechanisms for promotion rules were set up.

The new, flexible, customizable loyalty module allows the company to conduct marketing campaigns, mailings, collect responses (via the website), segment the customer base, implement promotions, etc.

The integration of the solution with the MALINA program website makes it possible to display all changes in the product catalog and provide up-to-date information on product availability, online, for users.

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Implementation of the new warehouse and product catalog management system has increased the efficiency and transparency of reward logistics business processes. Information on all products (about 10 thousand items) is now stored within a single database.

The hardware and software platform that has been implemented is easily scalable, and its capabilities allow increases in the number of users, i.e. partners and participants of the loyalty program. The system offers point accrual and write off, reward ordering and product promotion capabilities, and enables communication with participants. Program partners can use their own promotional points to reward customers, and promotions apply not only to earning, but also to the “expenditure” of points. Points are credited to the accounts of program participants online.

The partner network has been significantly expanded: more than 300 online stores are now connected to the system.
  • 1 million transactions / hour

    Processed by the system

  • 10-fold Increase

    In the speed of payment operations with points

  • 7-fold Increase

    In the speed of report generation

  • 3-fold Increase

    In the speed of data upload to the analytical database


Thanks to our transition to an advanced technological platform, we are now able to implement flexible business management scenarios. We can now offer our partners individual terms for cooperation, whether these be participation in coalition programs or the creation of their own outsourcing program. New prospects have also opened up for loyalty card holders, including lucrative offers based on the bonus program.

Denis Kruchinin

Deputy General Director for Operations, Loyalty Partners Vostok


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