To reduce the time and cost of launching credit services.


    To implement an integration bus for the interaction of credit conveyor systems and automate testing of the solution.


  • An Integration bus
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Before the project began, Jet Infosystems specialists had already developed an integration bus to ensure the interaction of all banking systems involved in the processing of loan applications. The processing of loan applications requires about 400 simultaneously implemented scenarios - from application creating and customer data requests to the creation of payment schedules and verification of creditworthiness. Changes to any of the systems requires modification of the bus itself and the subsequent verification of proper operation, entailing additional costs and time.

The first stage of the project included the implementation of a Continuous Integration (CI) approach. This made possible automated assembly, installation and testing of bus functionality possible. Jet Infosystems also created banking system emulators (Internet banking, customer databases and a system for processing credit loan applications), which made it possible to test and refine functionality independently of other contractors.

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Autotests introduced at the development stage reduced each test cycle to three hours, whereas previously 400-600 hours of manual operation would have been required. Thus, the complete and fully tested solution was launched three months earlier than planned.

The automation of testing has also significantly accelerated further checks: in the case of incorrect systems operation, all changes are first made at the bus level, followed by the launch of autotests. The register of the latter is automatically updated as each new scenario or function appears.

As of today, the use of autotests significantly reduces resolution time for any given problem, while at the same time significantly reducing company costs. Even if it is necessary to change code only two or three times a week (and in banks this volume is much higher), during the course of a month such automation will be five times less expensive. In addition, the potential for human error is reduced and the quality of the final product increases.
  • 400 scenarios

    Implemented simultaneously during loan application processing

  • 150 to 200-fold reduction

    In test cycle times, thanks to autotests

  • 3 months ahead of schedule

    We managed to implement the solution 3 months ahead of the planned schedule


Testing systems changes might seem far from central to a bank’s business operations. The quality of the final service, however, and the time-to-market for any new service (product) both directly affect customer loyalty and, therefore, the bank’s profit. The automation of even a single project process results in significantly reduced time-to-market, as we have seen.

Oleg Morgun

IT Director, SOYUZ Bank


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