To improve the quality, performance and information security of the enterprise’s IT infrastructure while equipping all users with unified information systems.


    To design and build a data center, migrate the existing computing cluster to the new data center, and manage the launch of the new system.


  • A DATARK containerized data center
  • An N+1 redundancy scheme for air conditioning and power supply systems
  • A layered protection system for personal data, the APCS, and IT services
  • A monitoring system by SCADA Indusoft
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Initially, the customer’s plan was to locate the data center indoors, however Jet Infosystems Network Solutions Center experts proposed a better solution – a containerized data center. This solution offers a number of advantages: it does not require major construction preparations (reinforcement of floors and the transfer of engineering communications), frees up space (about 40 sq.m.) usable for other company needs, and can be mounted in minimal time. In addition, the data center can be transported to other sites, in future.

All systems modernization activities and migration of old computing capacity to the new data center was carried out while IT systems were live and within the agreed technological window, so as to ensure a seamless transition. The resulting new, containerized data center merges data from 9 sites and 3 plants in the Primorsk region.

The area of the new data center is 50 square meters. It accommodates 11 server and network racks and is equipped with an uninterruptible power supply and air conditioning systems based on an N+1 redundancy scheme. Indoors, optimal climatic conditions are provided within a temperature range of 18-24°C and a humidity range of 30-50%. All engineering and computing systems are scalable and designed with the highest level of fault tolerance, so as to prevent possible failures.

The engineering infrastructure of the containerized data processing center boasts the most advanced and relevant systems, including: access control and management, video surveillance, gas fire extinguishers, automated monitoring and SCS (structured cabling systems). Moreover, the data center was built in compliance with the latest information security requirements and is equipped with a layered protection system for personal data, the APCS, and IT services. The entire IT complex is designed to operate 24/7, all year round.

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Despite the significant territorial distribution of the Rusagro project team (Moscow, Yekaterinburg, Tambov and Ussuriysk) and serious logistical difficulties resulting from the pandemic, the supply and installation of all equipment, the migration of the existing computing cluster to the new data center and the launch of the new data center were all carried out within the timescales stipulated by the contract.

As a result of the modernization, Rusagro-Primorye acquired an advanced data center, optimized for taking into account increasing amounts of processed information, and is therefore scalable in step with the company’s continued development. Thanks to the new multipurpose IT complex, the plant will enjoy reduced operating costs and will thereby provide end users with better products and services.

The company further plans to digitalize its enterprises and integrate all information platforms within a unified computing field.
  • 50 square meters

    Area of the new, containerized data processing center

  • 12 sites

    Number of sites merged within the new IT complex

  • N+1

    The latest available redundancy scheme for power supply and air conditioning

  • 80 kWt

    Equipment power consumption


The geography of Rusagro's sales is constantly expanding, requiring ever-expanding technological solutions. The introduction of a new data center will significantly speed our production and therefore reduce costs. We entrusted the IT systems upgrade to Jet Infosystems. The integrator's specialists provided us with the best possible solution in the form of a containerized data center; I believe in the short term we will see positive dynamics both in terms of the speed of systems response and in terms of improved work efficiency on an employee by employee basis.

Business Development Director, Rusagro Group of Companies

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