The modernization of channels necessary for accelerating traffic growth from subscribers. Improvement of service quality for users.


    To analyze the structure of content passing through channels and establish dynamic data management to ensure optimal bandwidth reallocation.


  • A Procera Networks DPI-complex
  • Jet Subscriber Manager (JSM)
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To resolve the set objective, a DPI system (Deep Packet Inspection) by Procera Networks was integrated into the operator's network infrastructure (PCRF). The interfaces for interaction between the two complexes are provided by Jet Infosystems’ JSM software. Jet Subscriber Management is designed specifically for telecom operators’ implementation of dynamic traffic management scenarios in DPI devices.

The pilot launch took place in St. Petersburg, and the implementation of the entire project took 8 months. The project team developed and configured a universal network management model, consisting of more than a thousand rules with the following key principle: in case of traffic fluctuations, interactive services gain the advantage in terms of speed, without affecting the operational stability of other applications.

Finally, the team implemented traffic control for base stations in congested conditions. The IT system analyzes data streams in real time and adjusts flexibly to changing external conditions (increases in the number of subscribers, signal deterioration during bad weather, noise and interference from neighboring stations or buildings, etc.). If necessary, the PCRF gives a command to the DPI system to redistribute the traffic, and users enjoy better service.

Since the ratio between different content types may vary by region, prioritization rules were adjusted pointwise in each city, based on the statistics and the service consumption model at that location.

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Merging the two systems made it possible to manage the service quality on the level of individual subscribers (PCRF) and also to analyze the structure of traffic being passed in the context of services provided (DPI). Thus, PCRF directly connected with LTE and BSS (base station subsystem), always has up-to-date information on the state of the network and Deep Packet Inspection controls the bandwidth - filtering network packets by content and changing the priorities and transmission rates for various traffic types at the protocol and application levels.

As a result of the project, the quality of services provided to users has significantly improved. The solution was replicated in Moscow, Sochi, Samara, Krasnodar, Vladivostok and Novosibirsk. Cooperation between Jet Infosystems and Yota still continues in terms of constant adjustments to the algorithms created and optimization of Internet access scenarios.
  • 1.5 million

    Daily subscribers

  • 300 Mb per second

    Speed on subscriber’s devices

  • DPI

    Filtering technology for network packets by content

  • 8 months

    Project implementation time


The new system significantly improved services for subscribers and made dynamic adjustment to the current state of the network infrastructure possible. Using the Internet become more convenient. At the same time, we managed to stop the constant expansion of external communication channels, while increasing the capacity of the network, which has, in general, allowed us to reduce costs."

Andrey Nesterov

CTO, Yota


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